If you’ve been wondering how to make a New year party lively, here are a couple of ideas on what you could do to spice things up a bit. In no particular order of significance, here is the list:

1. Watch a movie

Watching a movie might not be particularly creative at first glance, but watching it together with your friends or family will make the experience that much better compared to watching it alone. Even if the movie turns out to be bad, at least you’re going to laugh at it together, having as much fun as you otherwise would, if not more!

2. Decorate the room

Depending on your cultural views and current location, you might want to think about decorating the room to keep things entertaining. Light some candles and bring some cool decorative ornaments into the room! Do you have something useful from your childhood like a giant plush doll? Place it in the center of the room! After all, the goal is to have some fun and maybe start an interesting conversation, right?

3. Hire a band or a DJ

If a lot of people are going to come over, you can think about investing some money into hiring a DJ or a band. This is a particularly good idea if your visitors like to dance. If hiring somebody for the job is not exactly within your budget, any old music player will do. In any case, having some music playing will make sure that the guests are always entertained.

4. Prepare some special desserts

While it’s hard to imagine a celebration without some kind of food, it’s recommended to give some more thought to it and prepare something special. Think about baking a cake or some cookies! That way, the guests will have something to eat the whole evening even after they’re done with the main dish.

5. Pour a glass of champagne

There is nothing better than a glass of champagne to lift the spirits of every visitor that stops by. Of course, things like this need to be done in moderation, especially if kids are going to be there with you. After all, you need to be a good role model for them, right? If this is going to be an adult-only type of celebration, you can probably disregard that and just let it loose.

By reading this article, you’re now equipped with 5 quick and effective ideas on how to make a New year party lively. These are flexible enough to be suitable for most every occasion, but you are always encouraged to come up with your own. So get those creative juices working and have fun!