Event planning is an art and as such, it requires due diligence in ensuring common aspirations and expectations are well captured. To ensure the success of any event, the event planner must work hand in hand with the host, and attention should be given to the various aspects that add pomp and color, such as venue decoration. In this article, we shall look at some of the factors to bear in mind when decorating a venue for an event. The factors include the following.


The color scheme

Color decorations is one of the primary ways to customize an event. Before choosing whether or not to decorate a venue using colors, you should always consult the coordinator, as certain venues like many hotels and ballrooms do not allow customized color decoration of events. After determining that you can now use color decorations, the next question is always the color combination. It is important to understand that colors dictate the theme of an event and should therefore be chosen wisely. While a venue hosting a romantic event may be decorated in red or shades of red, different array of colors may be chosen for other occasions such as state functions or corporate events.

Consider the lighting

Lighting is a good way of venue decoration for an event, and that is due to the fact that it does not only highlight other decorations, but also sets the mood of the venue. It is a splendid way of adding a twist to an event, and may therefore be used to clearly define the theme of the event. To add an extra flair, it is encouraged that flashing lights and disco balls be incorporated in addition to the main lighting options.


Everyone loves music and it is therefore equally necessary in enhancing venue decoration for an event. Like lighting and color, the type of music played should suit the event, for it is also a natural mood-setting technique. In addition to the type of music, other aspects such as the pitch of the music as well as the option of live performance come into play as well. You can adapt the correct music for your event by consulting a professional deejay, emcee or even a musician.


Lastly, decor should as well be given due consideration during venue decoration for an event. Decor can include anything from the positioning of tables and flower vases to sitting arrangements. The positioning of the dais is key too, and you will notice that a dais used by a politician or clergyman for instance may be positioned on the far end of the room or field, while that used for a wedding occasion may be positioned at the center.

In conclusion, decorating a venue for an event requires an excellent degree of tact. As is evident, mastery of this art squarely relies on ones knowledge of the many aspects that characterize a successful event.


Decorating A Venue For An Event